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The software initially launched on the Mac in January 2001, ahead of the release of the first i Pod in October that year.

You could buy a track for just 99 cents, rip some more from a CD, organize them into a playlist, and then quickly sync it to your i Pod, all with the same piece of software.

Windows support meant that the device that could fit “1,000 songs in your pocket” could take off over the course of the decade, and as it did, its companion i Tunes software took off, too.

i Tunes became the blueprint for how people could legally download media, making it significantly easier to pay for music rather than steal it from early file-sharing sites like Napster.

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It was a long run for i Tunes, the jukebox software that revolutionized the music industry after its launch in 2001.

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Apple knew that people could be tempted to pay money for digital music rather than pirating it if the process was convenient enough, and the success of the i Tunes Store proves it was right.

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