Updating appliances

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Updating appliances

Would these companies put out updates if people didn’t complain? When you spend thousands of dollars on a smart appliance, you should rightfully expect the manufacturer to put out firmware updates.

If anything, firmware updates should be guaranteed in the warranty.

Manufacturers aren’t obligated to keep your machine up to date, which could turn your investment sour.

Today, there are still plenty of homes furnished with fridges, stoves, and washing machines from the ’80s.

Samsung makes it very clear that their smart fridge receives firmware updates.And a lot of these appliances are hitting the market with rushed, underdeveloped software, so people are already finding themselves with smart appliances that aren’t so smart.LG sold their brand of smart appliances (ranges, A/C units, washing machines, and so on) with the promise that they’d work with Google Home, but early adopters in the US claimed that their devices couldn’t connect to Google Home.But you (justifiably) consider the functions of a smart appliance to be a major selling-point and worthwhile investment.Well, there’s a chance that your expensive smart appliance will be dumb in less than a decade. They tended to last for a while, and you didn’t need to replace them unless you wanted a voicemail receiver or a cordless phone. According to a Gallup poll, 44% of Americans replace their cellphone every two years, and most cellphones become obsolete after about five or six years.

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The fridges notify you when updates are available, there are update information pages and news announcements on the Samsung website.

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