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Updating ipod nano

17 Important: The first time you connect i Pod nano to a computer that it’s not synced with, a message asks if you want to sync songs automatically.

If you accept, all songs, audiobooks, and other content are erased from i Pod nano and replaced with songs and other items from that computer.

When you manually manage content on i Pod nano, you must always eject i Pod nano from i Tunes before you disconnect it. Add a song or other item manually: 1 In i Tunes, click Music or another item below Library on the left side of the i Tunes window.

2 Drag a song or other item to i Pod nano in the device list.

 Manually managing i Pod nano: When you connect i Pod nano, you can drag individual items to i Pod nano and delete individual items from i Pod nano.

You can add songs from more than one computer without erasing songs from i Pod nano.

If you remove a song or other item from i Pod nano, it isn’t deleted from your i Tunes library.

You can reset i Pod nano to sync automatically at any time.

One quick i Tunes restore later, and you’ll be good to go!

Previously, i Pod Touch users had to physically connect their device to a computer and use i Tunes to download and install an i OS update; now you can simply update your device over a standard Wi-Fi connection.

Select "General" and tap "Software update." Your i Pod Touch will now check whether an i OS update is available for download or not.

While music is being synced from your computer to i Pod nano, the i Tunes status window shows progress, and you see a sync icon next to the i Pod nano icon in the device list.

When the update is done, a message in i Tunes says “i Pod update is complete,” and a bar at the bottom of the i Tunes window displays how much disk space is used by different types of content.

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You can also add content from multiple computers to i Pod nano without erasing items already on i Pod nano.