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Updating mysql

The solution is everywhere but to me it looks difficult to understand.No need to set SQL_SAFE_UPDATES to 0, I would really discourage it to do it that way. You can drive a car without safety belts and other things if you know what I mean ;) Just add in the WHERE clause a KEY-value that matches everything like a primary-key comparing to 0, so instead of writing: Since the question was answered and had nothing to do with safe updates, this might be the wrong place; I'll post just to add information.

The job cannot be moved." Exit Sub End If new Area = area3 Else If Current = 3 Then If area4 = "---" Then Msg Box area3 " was the last area in the route. Where each job contains up to 4 different sectors (e.g.[start date], [area1], [person in charge 1], [description1], ... Whenever the data is being updated to its next state, in the local table only the job counter field is incremented, while every field in the MYSQL table called "To Do" is updated to its next state fields.Historically the mysql extension was the only way until PHP 5.0 (circa 2004).After that mysqli appeared, which is an improved version of the older mysql driver.

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operation, to specify the ID field of the record you're attempting to update (or whatever its primary key is).

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