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Validating identity connection

This resource is the , information about the authenticated end user expressed in a standard format.In this way, Open ID Connect 1.0 allows relying parties both to verify the identity of the end user and also to obtain user information using REST.Open ID Connect 1.0 is an authentication layer built on OAuth 2.0.Open ID Connect 1.0 is a specific implementation of OAuth 2.0 where the identity provider that runs the authorization server also holds the protected resource that the third-party application aims to access.For ID tokens validation, refer to Validation Your app can validate an Access token by sending it to the Identity Manager token endpoint.If the token is valid, Identity Manager responds with Authorization: Bearer ey J0e XAi Oi JKV1Qi LCJhb Gci Oi JSUz I1Ni J9Jqd Gki Oi Ix M2Nj OTUy Mi0z ZWQw LTRk Nj Et YTgy Mi04MTdm YWVj Yz Ax NWMi LCJwcm4i Oi JBY21l X0Fwc El EQFNJTEVSQi Is Im Rvb WFpbi I6Ikxv Y2Fs IFVz ZXJz Iiwid XNlcl9p ZCI6Ij Ew ODc1ODIi LCJhd XRo X3Rpb WUi Oj E0Nzgw Mj I0NDAs Imlzcy I6Imh0d HBz Oi8vc2ls ZXJi Ln Ztd2Fy ZWlk ZW50a XR5Lm Nvb S9TQUFTL2F1d Ggi LCJhd WQi Oi Jod HRwczov L3Npb GVy Yi52b Xdhcm Vp ZGVud Gl0e S5jb20v U0FBUy9hd XRo L29hd XRod G9r ZW4i LCJjd Hgi Oi Jbe1wib XRk XCI6XCJ1cm46b2Fza XM6bm Ft ZXM6d GM6U0FNTDoy Lj A6YWM6Y2xhc3Nlczp QYXNzd29y ZFByb3Rl Y3Rl ZFRy YW5zc G9yd Fwi LFwia WF0XCI6MTQ3ODAy Mj Q0MCxc Imlk XCI6Mj E3Nz I5f V0i LCJz Y3Ai Oi Jh ZG1pbi Is Imlkc CI6Ij Ai LCJlb Wwi Oi JPQXV0a ENsa WVud F9BY21l X0Fwc El EQG5vcm Vwb Hku Y29t Iiwi Y2lk Ijoi QWNt ZV9Bc HBJRCIs Im Rp ZCI6Ii Is Indp ZCI6Ii Is Im V4c CI6MTQ3ODA0NDA0MCwia WF0Ijox NDc4MDIy NDQw LCJzd WIi Oi Ix ZDIz Y2Iy YS0y MGYz LTRl NWUt Yjdl ZS03MWVh Ym Ri Mm Zh Mm Mi LCJwcm5fd Hlw ZSI6Il NFUl ZJQ0Uif Q.Sign up for free See pricing for teams and enterprises Your app can validate Access and ID tokens itself or it can pass them to VMware Identity Manager for validation.

To get Identity Manager’s public key, make a call to the following endpoint: GET -----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY----- MIGf MA0GCSq GSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBi QKBg QDc RA56H47kuyrvp Lcoao T7NHM5 E35JEe Gs Ak VJB0APTev Dv7ullvh S88f UN7lve OXZM25DNNtz Ft Af Gtu1Ou14Ckd E JXOyz STQo/8dxc79m M3o HGCdo Ba D0 vvy Uo Bc5N9T0RNhwnra C8c EVk Wrl Ro Ud5L 8ZQq Wv Whb3LO5f RR7QIDAQAB -----END PUBLIC KEY----- Once your app has Identity Manager’s public key, you can use your JWT library to validate the JWTs from Identity Manager.

For more information about Forge Rock and about the platform, see https://

This chapter covers AM support for Open ID Connect 1.0.

This guide covers concepts, configuration, and usage procedures for working with Open ID Connect 1.0 and Forge Rock Access Management.

This guide is written for anyone using Open ID Connect 1.0 with Access Management to manage and federate access to web applications and web-based resources.

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Open ID Connect also makes it possible to discover the Open ID Provider for an end user, and to register relying party client applications dynamically.