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An Oracle XML parser reads an XML document and uses either a Document Object Model (DOM) application programming interface (API) or Simple API for XML (SAX) to access to its content and structure.You can parse in either validating or nonvalidating mode.Code executing in either has access to the contents of the message being processed and to a validating XML parser.ABAP mapping programs are not an option, as the ABAP XML parser currently does not support XML Schema.At this point, the Java mapping program is available to Interface Mappings in every namespace below the Software Component Version, under which the archive was uploaded.

Contrary to adapter modules, which are Enterprise Java Beans, Java mapping programs are garden-variety J2SE classes.

Using pluggable DOM, you can easily move XML data from one processor to another.

The DOM API includes unified standard APIs on top of the data to support node access, navigation, update processes, and searching capability.

should never find its way into your mapping class; your code should only perform transformations on the message being processed.

Performing schema validation in Java code is fairly straightforward.

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The first step is to obtain an object of class document.

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