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Vb net validating xml

Jonathan Schafer is an Architect at Brierley & Partners.

Jonathan has 15 years experience designing and developing distributed applications in the Microsoft environment, and two and a half years experience with . Jonathan is currently architecting systems for client applications. ( is a direct marketing agency specializing in the design and implementation of customer relationship programs.

In this article I'll show you how we can update our business rules on a moment's notice without having to shutdown the application, allowing us to react quicker to changing business conditions. Take a look at this sample code to dynamically determine information about a Type at run time: The code uses an assembly object to call the Get Types method to return all the Types contained in this assembly.

The system will always provide the derived class' Runtime Type.An interface is like a class in which every member is abstract; it can only contain property and method declarations without function bodies.An interface may not contain field declarations, initializer declarations, or nested class declarations. A class may extend only one base class, but a class may implement many interfaces.In this example foo is an instance of a class of Type Foo.Foo implements the IValidator interface, so "v" is not null.

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In order to unload a dynamically loaded assembly, you must load the assembly into a separate application domain. When you want to unload the domain, use the static method App Domain. This will allow you to unload the validation assemblies in that app domain from the currently running program and replace them with updated versions.

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