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Vista media center guide not updating

If you have a weak digital TV signal, you won't have ghosting as you did with analog TV; instead, you will have a frozen picture, lack of synchronization between video and audio, or signal breakups.The best solution is an external directional antenna; however, if you are primarily concerned about picking up local digital signals, an internal directional antenna may be acceptable.Mark Soper, Windows expert and author of Easy Microsoft Windows 7, leads you through selecting ATSC-compatible hardware, settting up your TV signal, and optimizing your channel selection.Although digital broadcast TV (ATSC) was supported in Windows Vista's version of Windows Media Center, the implementation was clumsy, and digital TV channels were not well-integrated into the TV program guide.As you can see from Figure 1, typical TV tuner cards use separate connections for analog and digital signals.However, many USB-based TV tuners use a single connection for analog and digital signals.

Look for an antenna that can store and recall settings and includes a remote control, as this will help you get the best-quality picture as you switch channels.

Thankfully, Windows 7's version of Windows Media Center provides a better digital broadcast TV experience.

This article shows you how to select ATSC-compatible hardware, set up your TV signal, and optimize your channel selection.

You normally need to register to see the latest download links, but here are the latest ones as of June 2016: Download the appropriate installer, depending on whether you’re using a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows 10.

Just click the “Download through your browser” link on the download page.

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NOTE You will not need to download third-party DVR, channel guide, or other software, just Windows 7 or Windows Vista-compatible drivers (Windows Media Center provides DVR, TV program guide, and other support).

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