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Vuze keeps updating

Assumably, Google will see all of the user complaints and start working on a fix. But given the problem only seems to be affecting those who are jailbroken, we’re not sure how much of a hurry they’ll be in to push out the update. If not, then it immediately attempts to download the latest definitions and promptly scans your files.Therefore, if you haven't used Vuze Plus since yesterday and you opened it up and downloaded a file, Vuze Plus would update its virus database to the latest definitions - at most one-hour _young_!Now I have disabled indexing on all the hard drives and turned off the two indexing services Vuze now runs perfectly again at full speed, and the computer no longer freezes.I've been running Vuze for years, never experienced this - until a couple weeks ago, where I bought a new harddrive and started Vuz'ing to this drive.Unfortunately, the update also appears to have included a bug that, for a lot jailbreak users, causes Chrome to crash almost instantly after launch.

You cannot accidentally turn Vuze Plus' antivirus protection off, ensuring that you are always torrenting safely.

And that is why we say that our virus definitions are, at most, four hours _young_.

Vuze Plus leverages Bit Defender's technology to defend your system against downloads that include malware such as computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, backdoors and spyware.

Additionally, while most antivirus software updates its virus database once every day or two, Vuze Plus attempts to update its database six times per day. We prefer to say our virus definitions are, at most, four hours _young_.

If new malware starts making the rounds in the morning, by lunchtime Vuze Plus is already working hard to protect your system from it! Most other antivirus software updates its definitions on a daily basis (that's only once every 24 hours, for the numerically challenged).

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The default Office installation includes the two indexing programmes and turns on indexing on all drives.

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