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He won DJ magazine's global poll of the most popular DJs three years running and in 2004 played the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. As he himself says, tanned from a tour of South America, his striking hazel-yellow eyes looking amused: "You have DJs who play in clubs, superstar DJs who play all round the world, and then you have Tiesto.

I just take everything to a different level."Standing in an aircraft hangar in Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, quite how successful Tiesto is becomes clear.

Clubland's elite regard themselves as electronic futurists, a cutting-edge vanguard who look down on the entertainers.

The entertainers serve a different purpose, opening up the rave experience to as many as possible.

"I promote Holland and there's no other artist as famous abroad because most of them sing in Dutch."Tiesto, on the other hand, plays a very accessible form of techno-trance.

He will take his "Elements of Life" show all over the world during the next year, playing to hundreds of thousands along the way, from Russia to California. In 2003 he changed the rules of what a DJ might achieve when he played a six-hour set entitled "Tiesto In Concert" at the Gelredome in Arnhem.

Tiesto broke the news by posting a photo of them kissing with the caption “ The two has received so much love and support from the industry in the likes of Marshmello, Ingrosso, Dyro, and Bassjackers to name a few.

Mello even went so far as saying he’s DJing the wedding!

I drink a bit of alcohol, a lot sometimes, but the drugs - I tried it in the past but it never got me and I'm happy it never did."Tiesto has normalised raving in his home country.In Schiphol Airport, white-haired granddads in Tiesto T-shirts dance next to young women in crop tops. A booming American accent echoes around the venue with all the portentousness of a trailer for a new Star Wars film."In the history of music one man stands alone - he did what others could only dream." It goes on for minute after minute, whipping the crowd into hysteria.While video screens show beaches jammed with dancers, the voiceover goes on telling us that Tiesto has "inspired the world". "Prepare to take off on an incredible journey - Tiesto presents 'The Elements of Life'." A huge kick-drum bursts in and the crowd become a writhing mass, unstoppable for hours.There has long been a schism in the world of club music between those who entertain and those who innovate.

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He has, however, yet to conquer America, the unscaled Everest for DJ culture."I'm tempted to move to the States," he says, "but when I've been there a couple of months I feel I'm losing contact with the solid ground here.