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“This song is like a musical argument,” Dwele expains.“My girl has a problem with me being in the industry.This makes him as surprised about the finished project as his admirers.The album’s first single is a mindbender he calls “I’m Cheatin’,” produced by West Coast-based G-1 who helmed his breakthrough hit “Find a Way” as well as “Know Your Name” from Some Kinda.Singer/songwriter Dwele (pronounced dweh-lay) has carved out a niche for himself in the contemporary soul game as a smooth jazz-minded crooner of introspective and innovative groove.The Detroit-based artist first made a name for himself with a demo he made in his bedroom which led to one of the hippest hip hop soul collaborations of all-time (Slum Village’s “Tainted”), a major label deal.“It’s based on somewhat of a real story that I put a spin on,” Dwele shares.“Unless you really pay attention you might get the wrong idea.

We laughed, joked and enjoyed the opportunity to speak about his new masterpiece.She wants me out for two reasons: one, it takes up a lot of my time, and two, she doesn’t appreciate the arrogant ‘show’ I have to put on by being in the industry.In a relationship like this, both people have to be strong and have a lot of confidence in each other to deal.“With my first album, Subject, I had about three years worth of material to work with between 20,” he begins.“But with the next one, Some Kinda (2005), I didn’t take as much time as I wanted because I was in and out of the studio touring on the road, so I didn’t have as many songs to choose from.

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I sing, ‘Can you blame me for wanting to hold onto something in vain / Because in holding on to this vainness, I’m trying to hold on to you.'” Clearly inspired by personal experience, Dwele draws the line at it being 100% autobiography.