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2 was on the way."We're doing it very backwards, I know...I'll just keep my legs crossed, I guess, this time," the ever-quotable Simpson told Jay Leno on planned on trying for baby No.It was as if all of the sweet love songs she had sang earlier in her career had started playing again, all at once.There were just one minor hitch—Johnson's divorce wasn't finalized yet.

But all of the above might have been enough to put anyone off of dating for awhile, let alone dating a football player.For all the ways in which Simpson apparently has met her match as far as love and sex and family values go, so has she found Mr. Presumably he keeps up his end of the conversation at home, but Johnson hasn't spilled one iota of information about their personal life in public, while still remaining an amiable and photogenic presence at events and on Instagram with his wife and kids.But we know a few things: Johnson is the Boston-bred son of an attorney mother and a father who renovated houses. He has a certain set of principals, having eschewed the "high and mighty" attitude at nearby Harvard for Yale).She was dating John Mayer, a coupling that didn't exactly inspire visions of wedding bells (nice as he was to later call her as addictive as "crack cocaine"). But she wasn't in the throes of a post-split crisis.Rather, was loving every bit of her newfound early 2007, pretty much flooring the interviewer who had predicted that Simpson would be in a much more fragile state of mind. And I will look you in the eye and tell you that I have no regrets about that. Asked about the onslaught of more salacious headlines since she and Lachey split up, Simpson mused, "It's that whole, 'They build you up to tear you down' thing.

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The 6'3" athlete excelled at baseball, golf and football at an early age.

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