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Who is mia michaels dating

She hasn’t specified a workout that she uses, but it is obvious that a lot of cardio and endurance training is performed during her rehearsals.As for diet, it is certain that carbs are present in larger than usual amounts to fuel her body with energy, due to the intensity and length of dancing routines.Mia made her TV show debut as Janny on The Bill in 1999.

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Michaels also choreographed for Cirque du Soleil's first tour called "Delirium", which opened in March 2006.

The buzz this choreographer has generated has led her to work with many famous artists, including Madonna, Gloria Estefan, Prince and Ricky Martin.

One of her biggest successes was choreographing for Celine Dion's "A New Day" show in Las Vegas.

The show featured 50 dancers onstage for the bulk of the 2 hour concert, and ran from 2003 until 2007 at Caesar's Palace.

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Mia Michaels is notorious for her powerful movements that engage the dancer's entire being, while reaching straight into the souls of those who are watching.

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