Who is slade smiley dating

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Who is slade smiley dating

Gretchen also revealed to that their daughter is already a fighter.

She shared, “What a lot of people don’t know about our embryo, and now our Skylar Gray, is that she actually self-corrected herself in the embryonic state.

I love you from the depths of my soul Slade, and will forever." Happy 10yr Anniversary my love!

❤️🙌🏻 Yesterday Slade & I celebrated 10yrs together! But I have to say it has truly been the best and most magical ten years of my life!

by starting a relationship with Slade, who was previously linked to their costars Jo De La Rosa and Lauri Peterson.

The Gretchen Christine handbag designer, for her part, was engaged to Jeff Beitzel until he lost his battle to cancer in 2008.

I am so looking forward to this next chapter together as parents!

👨‍👩‍👧 👪 I am beyond grateful & blessed that God brought me you, and that we share a special spiritual bond.

I have never met a man who loves me more deeply then you, who cherishes me, and adores me (even with all my flaws) 🙈Thank you for your endless communication, and appreciation for who I am in my most authentic state, for supporting and helping make all my dreams come true, and for being the man, husband, & father that I know our children will look up too!Slade Smiley as they just clocked a decade together. We are committed [and] loyal to one another whether or not we have a marriage license! Hey it’s worked out well for Goldie and Kurt [as well as] Oprah and Stedman! But I have to say it has truly been the best and most magical ten years of my life!Gretchen captured her Christmas Eve celebration with Slade, Gavin, and his girlfriend, Kenna, who we learned is actually his fiancée in her recent Instagram Story.That's right, little Gavin is all grown up and getting married.

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————————————————————————-When I look back at how many people said we wouldn’t make it, or our “love” was just made up for TV, (or whatever other crapoly they have made up about us) it actually just makes me giggle now; I mean isn’t it ironic how most of those who were talking smack about us are now divorced or no longer with their partners, yet here we are still going strong, more in love today than when we first met, and now having a baby together!

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