Who is tim daly dating

Posted by / 03-Jan-2020 04:26

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"To see a marriage that's functioning, not in a way that's perfect because there's no such thing, but in a way that is about people who are really powerful and committed is something that we haven't seen on TV and that really interested me," Daly told E!

News."Marriages on television always suck and this one doesn't," he added.

Daly, 59, who plays a professor and National Security Agency operative and the husband of the title character on the series, which is shot in New York.

“There was a gym in the building, and it was all perfectly nice, but sterile. Not quite my style.”Actually, his problem with the building was more basic than that.

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Daly, who looks like your older brother’s cute best friend from high school. Daly has two children, Emelyn, 26, and Sam, 31, from his former marriage to the actress Amy Van Nostrand.

“Not to get too woo-woo, but there was a good vibe and I just kind of leapt.”He leapt high. But if you count the guitars that hang in a row on a wall of the guest bedroom — he speaks of them with a pride that can be described only as paternal — the number swells.

“I have a loft in Venice, Calif., that is all white. But it’s the homemade and the handed-down — the Eames lounge chair from Mr. Daly had made out of a copper funnel — that give the apartment its character and warmth.

Emelyn Daly was the potter responsible for the curvy vase. Daly built the coffee table using a window frame he salvaged from the town dump in Vermont.

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"It's complicated, it's difficult, it's dynamic but it's about two people who are passionately committed to making it work.", which he wrote and directed. That year, the actor entered rehab for sex addiction.