Who is tushar kapoor dating cancer dating service

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Tusshar is back to working in comic flicks and is said to have admitted to having a relationship with a girl who does not belong to showbiz.

He hasn’t disclosed her name but says it is someone he would love to settle down with.

It is said Tusshar got attracted towards her oomph quotient.

producer who was none other than Tusshar’s elder sister, Ekta Kapoor.

It is said that Tusshar was so head over heels about Radhika that he used to mention her even at home during family time.

Eventually, it is quite likely that Ekta may have indulged in some punishing ear-twisting of little bro since it is said that Radhika was seen missing from a reunion party thrown for the crew and actors of the film.

Tusshar was present though but was seen having a grim expression all throughout the party.

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Tusshar stayed silent about it for some time and finally in late 2011 denied having a serious relationship with Radhika and that they were just “good friends.”Whatever Radhika and Tusshar stated was music to sister Ekta’s ears.