Whos dating lil wayne

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Whos dating lil wayne

Jay Z’s original single, was the first time most Lil Wayne fans ever heard of the now legendary Queens native rapper.Later on the mixtape, Nicki could be heard spitting her signature New York-style flow on “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop,” in which Nicki rapped “He be Harry Potter and I be Hermione.” The relationship has only gotten better from there. We had a long talk about business, and he was very serious.Nicki Minaj has gone on to have 3 platinum albums since her debut, selling over 8 million copies worldwide.She has been featured on the albums of superstars ranging from Beyonce to Kanye West, and she has been the highest profile female rapper by light years in the last decade.There’s no doubt that without the accomplishments, hard work, and well-deserved star power of Nicki Minaj, that Young Money, or YMCMB as a whole for that matter, would never have reached the New York Yankees status it reached with her.Without Nicki, Young Money would have looked more like Batman and Robin for a while, with a probable eventual power struggle between Wayne and Drake for who continued to be Batman.

Outside of seeing his hard work pay off in the rap game, however, the veteran rapper may have a bubbling personal situation on his hands when it comes to the dating life of his daughter, Reginae Carter.

Birdman has also admitted that he himself use to be bi-sexual and then realized he was actually straight as “the mind plays tricks on people”, according to Birdman.

Lil Wayne has yet to respond to the homosexual accusations, boy is this feud getting worse and worse everyday.

Speaking about the effect Lil Wayne had on her career and how he helps her step her game up, Nicki said: “Because he works so fucking hard.

He shows me that no matter how hot you think you are. You have to keep that chokehold on the game because there’s always somebody itching and ready to take your spot. Yeah.” Nicki goes on to give a small speech about how Lil Wayne is the greatest and every other rapper in the game should get down on their knees to say thank you because he showed them all how to do it.

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The point is, Nicki Minaj was never a “token female artist” or an attempt at a gimmick to balance out the male dominated Young Money roster.

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