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In addition to XAML and code files, graphics and media files are compiled by default into the DLL assembly as well.

One way to verify the contents of a XAP file is to rename it with a and open with windows explorer and you should see at a minimum the assembly file along with a manifest file. The Exploring Xap is the main output assembly file from the following XAML and code-behind built in Visual Studio 2010.

XAPs must be signed using code signing certificates.

When prompted for a password enter a password and write it down so you do not forget it.

The client will only download the ZIP file if it does not already have a current copy in its cache.

It is also possible to control how resources like graphics files are stored in the Silverlight applications output.

The controls used in this XAML page are all instances of classes defined within the core assemblies that are part of the Silverlight plug-in.

You'll be prompted to enter the password a few times. Now type the following into the command window and press Enter to create a child certificate that can be used for code signing.

It will be signed by the root certificate created earlier. Generate a PFX file (contains the password and the private key in one file for convenience).

So I decided to post an excerpt I wrote about signing Silverlight XAP files in the Silverlight 4 Whitepaper on Channel 9 here to help spread the word.

The signing process is important if you are creating an elevated trust out of browser application because it helps: Elevated trust out-of-browser applications enable developers to take advantage of platform features that are inaccessible to sandboxed Silverlight applications.

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Note that the same password entered earlier is used.