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Penny falls asleep as they argue, and the two leave together.He has a second date with Penny later in "The Classified Materials Turbulence" and asks Leonard for advice on how to approach Penny.In 2019, he became a cast member on You Tube's The Reality House.He grew up playing soccer since he was about 3 years old.As of September 2015, Stuart has appeared on more episodes than Mrs. He is helpful and kind-hearted, but due to his overworking schedule and underpaying job as comic book store owner, he isn't able to get out much and often gets depressed and struggles with financial and health issues. He studied at and graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design (which may suggest that he's from Rhode Island).After being unable to gain employment as a comic book artist, Stuart eventually moved to Pasadena and opened up the comic book store. Stuart has no appearances in any episodes of Season 1; however, in "The Nerdvana Annihilation" (S01E14) the comic book store is mentioned and Leonard mentions that he is going to sell all his collectibles to Larry.

He dated Daniella Perkins in 2017 until they broke up in September. He and fellow You Now stars Rudan C, Nick Bean, Timmy Connors, and Edwin Burgos formed the group 5quad.He also acts as competition for the lead characters when he dated Penny and Amy (respectively) to help move the other's relationships forward.Stuart starts bonding with his similarly lonely counterpart Raj at the start of Season 6, substituting for Howard when Howard has gone to space.This could either be Stuart before his name was changed or Lonely Larry.Stuart's first appearance was "The Hofstadter Isotope," where he asked Penny out on a date, not knowing Leonard had feelings for her.

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He and fellow pop singers Loren Gray and HRVY have been managed by Blair Dreelan of Alphadog Management.

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